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Bondi Icebergs – the star of the show

by Jan 16, 2022

Bondi Icebergs Pool

There’s a tsunami warning this morning which adds a level of excitement to the day. I spend some time at the first pools – Wally Weekes and the Children’s Pool at Bondi – scanning the horizon for a disaster-movie event. In the end, there is no tsunami, but the waves are big. Wally Weekes is very dependent on the tide. Too high and there is a lot of swell, too low and the pool is empty. For me, it is too high, but we are accompanied by Sheridan B., who bravely ventures in.

The star of the day is the Bondi Icebergs Pool and deservedly so. In 20 years of living in Sydney, I have never been to the Icebergs Pool. My excuses are woeful: parking at Bondi is terrible, the pool is so popular it will be too busy, and at $9 it’s expensive. But the real reason is that I’ve been a bit intimidated at the thought of Icebergs. This is one of the world’s most famous swimming pools in the most glamorous suburb in the country. Somewhere along the way, I internalized the view that this kind of pool just wasn’t for me.

The sign at the entry to the pool immediately disarms me. It tells me that at Bondi Icebergs Pool, everyone is welcome. There are a lot of beautiful people draped around the pool – including a particularly nubile and demonstrative eastern European couple – but there are also people of all shapes and sizes and I don’t feel out of place.

The pool deserves its reputation. It is spectacular. It’s not just the incredible location, it’s the white paint on the rocks, steps, floor, and platforms that make it a nearly blinding beacon in the sun. From the stairs, the future looks so bright you will have to wear shades.

The black lines around the steps and some of the platform give it further definition and an art deco air. This is the most European ocean pool I have seen. You could be in St Tropez or Positano, but you are in Bondi and the coffee, services, and facilities are world-class.

Icebergs absolutely deserves its reputation and – if you haven’t been – it also deserves a visit.

Pools can be enjoyed on their own or with company. We close the day with a dip at the busy Bronte Baths followed by lunch with Sheridan B. and Trey P., who have come with us to all the pools today. Rose-Anne M., Sax C., and Malini C. also join us at Bronte. We get great beach service at a nearby cafe, finding a seat easily and eat before we all part to go back from where we came from. A reminder of how pools can be a magnet for people.