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Warming Up

by Dec 30, 2021

So the sun is shining and we’re keeping one step ahead of COVID, so far at least. Today was my first ocean pool dip in quite a while, at Wylies Baths, including a massage Xmas gift from my daughters. Kate and Coco joined me, we also caught up with our friends Ruth, Sam, Paul and Kate F.

I feel like my internal battery is around 50% recharged. The new job was testing at the end of this year and I was basically running on fumes by 24th, so recovery is well underway. Wylies was lovely today, just the right number of people, some would say more than enough in a pandemic, but I felt relaxed and the water was a very pleasant 22 degrees. A great sign for pools to come!

Now I should highlight that I’m only writing these first blog entries as the site evolves, once we’re on the timeline I will be contributing the photos and any atmos each day, though still working out how to add them!

Tomorrow I pick up the car..